Herber Zwergknäueling - Panellus stipticus

Beschreibungen und Zuchtdetails zu den jeweiligen Pilzarten

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Herber Zwergknäueling - Panellus stipticus

Beitrag von Mycelio » Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010 02:36

Text von Waldfrieden
Korrekturen von Mycelio

Panellus stipticus
Herber Zwergknäueling

Es wird unterschieden zwischen dem europäischen und dem amerikanischen Zwergknäueling. Denn einen grossen Unterschied gibt es zwischen diesen beiden Pilzen. Es handelt sich meist um den Anbaugrund dieses Pilzes: denn im Gegensatz zum europäischenZwergknäueling leuchtet der amerikanische Zwergknäueling intensiv grün bei Dunkelheit.
Der Pilz benötigt allerdings etwas Zeit um zu leuchten, daher ist etwas Geduld gefragt bei der Zucht dieses Pilzes.

In nature, Pan. stipticus is found growing on logs and is shaped somewhat like a small leathery oyster mushroom.
The cultures are sold as a novelty only and do not produce edible or internally medicinal mushrooms. There is little information regarding the toxicity of this mushroom when eaten but it was reportedly used at one time externally to staunch bleeding.
The mycelium can be grown on a wide variety of wood, grains and agar formulas under a wide range of temperatures. Mushrooms grown on whole grains or grain flours typically do not develop normally and abort at a small size. Plug culture on logs or woodchip/sawdust blocks are recommended for observing normal fruiting.
The images below show Panellus fruits produced using the Wood Based MycoBag(TM). Decently formed fruits are easy to obtain when the substrate material is removed from the bag and placed in a humidity chamber or tent with increased air flow. Odds of fully developed fruits increases if you are able to keep colonized substrate block in outdoor environment without drying or exposure to excessively cool/hot temps.
Images at bottom illustrate the bio-luminescent glow of this Panellus. The top image shows glowing mycelium formed in a Rye-Z-Morph(TM) spawn bag (included in our spawn starter kits). Bottom image shows glowing Panellus mycelium on agar plate. Images taken on 100ASA film with Nikon F90X, 28mm lens at 3.5 aperture. Exposure time was approximately 20 minutes in complete darkness. Image at very bottom had a prolonged exposure time of 2.5 hours. Images generously provided by b+elladonna. Thanks!





Kj 50
Eiweiss 1.7g
Fett 0.3g
Kohlenhydrate 7.5g

Sodium mg
Phosphor 162mg
Eisen 1.2mg
Kalium 390mg
Kalzium 11mg
Magnesium 16mg
Cholesterin 2mg


Substrat: Holzspäne
Myzelwachstum (Casing)
Fruchteinleitung (Primordia)
Fruchtwachstum (Frutification)
Erträge /m2

Schwierigkeitsgrad: mittel

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